What Is Tricopigmentation?

The tricopigmentation process differs from regular scalp micropigmentation, both in the way the technique is applied, and the effective duration of the completed treatment. This is a specific system developed by Milena Lardi of Beauty Medical in Milan, and is approved by the International Society Of Hair Restoration Surgeons (ISHRS).

Tricopigmentation is applied over 3-4 sessions. The first and second sessions take place 1 week apart, with the third session about a month later. In some cases a fourth session is required to complete the process.

This is a shorter duration form of scalp micropigmentation. The pigments fade significantly after 12 months, and are virtually gone within 18-24 months. Ideal for clients who require flexibility and are unsure about keeping their treatment long term, tricopigmentation must be topped up every 9-12 months to maintain an effective illusion. 

Tricopigmentation is extremely safe. Aside from a little short term redness which usually dissipates within a few hours, there are no side effects. Allergic reactions to our pigments are very rare.

The purpose of this hair loss treatment is to produce an undetectable illusion of real hair. Whilst the process itself follows strict protocol, there is a high level of skill and artistic flair required to deliver results that are truly flawless. For this reason, it is important to choose your technician carefully as some produce better results than others.

Consultations are free of charge and can be carried out over the phone so contact us now to book your consultation and live a confident life.

Steven’s Story

Steven put up with his hair loss for many years and was uncomfortable having his pictures taken. He chose to do something about it and took the first step to get the treatment done. After meeting with our consultant in Manchester, it was clear that tricopigmentation was the best solution for his situation, and since his treatment was completed, he has never looked back.

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Our expert technician will sit down with you and discuss the look you wish to achieve. We will also discuss the pros and cons of permanent scalp micropigmentation versus shorter duration tricopigmentation. As we offer both treatments, we are ideally placed to offer accurate and unbiased advice.

We will then answer any remaining questions you may have, and map out your perfect hairline for your approval.


Our technician will assess and discuss with you the right colour for your skin and hair tone, and prep your scalp for the procedure.


The process of placing the pigment in the scalp begins. Depending on your treatment needs, you should expect your first session to last from one to three hours. We allocate time for regular breaks to allow both you and your technician to rest and re-focus.


A second appointment is arranged for you to attend a week later to place further pigment to build the follicle replication density as required. A further touch-up appointment is arranged for 30 days post treatment to correct any fading and perfect your final appearance. This session is usually shorter, usually just 1-2 hours.

An evaluation appointment after 6 months is recommended to establish an annual maintenance plan according to your preference, skin type and treatment requirements.